For this job we where asked to make what was a single driveway with a grassed area in front of the bay window into a triple driveway with a shaped border to the side.
We worked on this job with Remodel Landscaping
We started by removing all the unwanted spoil and laying a hardcore base 6 inches thick as the customer specified a thicker than normal base.We then fitted a rumble strip across the entrance and edged the borders in the front of the house and the side with large reclaimed york stone cobbles.

For this job the customer didnt want the feel of a gravel driveway,but did want the look.

What we used to solve this problem was a core gravel system.

To use this, what we had to do next was to lay a thin layer of grit sand to the hardcore base to take up any differances and to shield the weed control matting on the base of the core gravel system from stone puncturing. The grit sand was then compacted with a wacker plate.

As you can see the core gravel system is basically a honeycomed plastic matting system which holds the gravel in place. This stops the need for the gravel to be laid thickly and you dont get the feeling that you are trudging through the driveway like you can get on normal gravel drives

The last thing to be done is the 10mm golden gravel is spread out,wacked flat,then any gaps filled.

Although the matting system is not the cheapest way of doing a drive like this, the end result is stunning as you can see.

But the main thing is, it is like walking on a solid drive and it does not rut up when cars drive on it.