We were contacted by this customer originally to move a drain for her.

Whilst there she asked for some advice on what could be done with a section of the rear garden that was over grown and not usable.

The customer indicated that she would like a patio area that she could use in the summer, but also give a clean hardstaning that she could use all year round to gain access to her out houses.

The size of the patio was decided upon and whilst derrick started work digging the area out ready for the stone base to be laid the customer went off to the local merchant to pick a product that she wanted the patio to finished in.

It was decided that we should go with a natural stone finish.

After being a little hampered by the weather we eventually got the patio pointed.The electrician came in to install the wall lights. and the customer was very happy with her new, now very usable garden,all ready for the summer.