We where asked to call on this customer to discuss his garden that was being wasted.

There was a lovely patio which the decened down steps onto a very poor and uneven

lawned area.

The customers idea was to build up the garden so he could but up a Marque for a party he was planning later on in the year.

After some different ideas had been discussed,we decided that the best coarse of action was to import a lesser grade of top soil to build up the garden to rough levels and then top off with top grade top soil ready for turfing.The customer did not fully know how much of an area he wanted leveling so it was decided we would get started and he could decide how much of an area he wanted to as we went.

The next problem we had to get over was access, for importing the soils as the garden had trees and a sandstone wall all around.The road that the house was on was subject to high traffic at certain times of the day due to a local school being around the corner.

We had to pick are time carfully so we did not cause a traffic jam in the area, but in the end we where able to import over 300 tonnes of sub soil and 100 tonnes of top soil without incident.

As the soil started to arrive the customer had more of an idea of the size of area he wanted to make use of. It was decided that we would make a large flat are on the top and then grade it down to the original level at the edges

Once the top grade top soil had been impoted and leveled, the whole area was prepared ready for turfing.

The customer opted for turfing the top area and the banks around the edges where seeded.

The job was completed in time for a family party he was having and a unusable garden was then able to house a full size marquee.

Customer very happy with completed job and we will be returning to replace driveway later on in year