Garden Drainage Solutions in Moreton

Moreton Gardern Rebuild

We where called out to customers house to have a look at thier garden which was overgrown and heavily water logged.

The customer wanted land drains installed to aid with drainage and then to be turfed over after garden had been leveled.

A concrete pad in front of conservatory was also to be installed as customer had a hot tub and decking to be fitted at a later date

Once digging had begun it became apparant that the garden had been water logged for some time and was full of rubbish that needed removeing before any reconstruction began

Once the land drains had been dug, screened recycled rubble was packed in around the drains and was directed to a large sump which was then in turn conected to an over flow to the main drain system, so water logging should become a thing of the past for this garden.

The shape of the concrete slab changed a few times once customer could see how the garden was going to look, but we got there in the end.

Turf went down and thge regular wattering began.

All that is required now is a hot tub and a cool beer.