Mini Digger and Equipment Hire

Grab & Shift now offer a range of excavators and dumpers which we will deliver ON TIME to your site at a competitive price.
All our machines are available to hire on either a self-drive basis or we can supply an experienced operator. All our operators hold the correct certificates and are more than capable of dealing with all forms of ground work.

We mainly use new Kubota excavators based on the reliability and performance. The machines come with expanding tracks to allow them to get into tighter places, but then be as stable as possible once they are in position.

All our new machines have been fitted with quick hitches, so changing the buckets over is a quick operation and your time is not wasted fitting bucket pins. All our machines are piped for additional attachments like concrete breakers. Again the quick hitch allows quick swap over from breaker to bucket

1 Tn - Kubota U10-3 Zero tail swing Micro digger: Capable of fitting through a  standard doorway and rotates through 360 degrees in its own footprint -  comes with expanding tracks and semi quick hitch. (machine specification  and size)

1.7 Tn - Kubota U17-3 Zero Tail swing- Mini Digger: Superior to a standard 1.5 ton  due to increased weight and power of 1.7 tons comes with expanding  tracks and quick hitch.This machine has the power of the larger  machines, but has the advantage of being as small as the smaller 1.5Tn  machine and with the zero tail swing meens it can get into those awkward spots(machine specification and size)


2.5Tn - Kubota U25-3 Zero tail swing mini digger. This machine is perfect for those larger jobs which require a bit more muscle,but where space is still an issue.

This machine will turn within its own track space, so you only have to worry about whats going on in front of you and not behind you. (machine specification and size)

13Tn – Hitachi EX135. Steel tracked larger excavator for those larger  jobs. This machine needs to be delivered to site on a low loader.(machine specification & size)

Manito MLT-741t Telehandler. This machine is only available with driver, but is very versatile. It comes with either fork attachments for  lifting pallets, or a shovel for muck shifting. The telescopic arm, combined with the vehicles off road ability make it the perfect tool, from unloading a vehicle to lifting bales of hay across a muddy  field(machine specification & size)


Concrete breaker attachments are available to hire for the machines.


If you dont see a suitable machine for your job,please get in contact as we have access to a wider range of equipment than listed here.


Once you have created the spoil, we can then remove it from site with our self-loading vehicles for a fraction of the cost of skips. You just carry on creating the spoil and we will carry on removing it.


If you are left with less than a full load at the end of your job, don't worry. We offer part load rates, so you only pay for what you create.

Examples of some of our range